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Visa Numbers for December 2011

Availability of Immigrant Visa Numbers for December, 2011 By: Allen E. Kaye

Family-sponsored categories
  All chargeability areas except the countries separately listedChina (Mainland Born)IndiaMexico Philippines
F1Unmarried Sons & Daughters of U.S. citizens01 SEP 0401 SEP 0401 SEP 0408 APR 9301 MAR 97
F2ASpouses & Unmarried Children of Permanent Residents – Subject to Per Country Limit22 MAR 0922 MAR 0922 MAR 0908 FEB 0922 MAR 09
F2BUnmarried Sons & Daughters (21 years of age or older) of Permanent Residents15 AUG 0315 AUG 0315 AUG 0322 NOV 9215 AUG 01
3rdMarried Sons & Daughters of U.S. Citizens08 OCT 0108 OCT 0108 OCT 0115 DEC 9208 JUL 92
4thBrothers & Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens15 JUL 0015 JUL 0015 JUL 0001 MAY 9608 SEP 88
Employment-based categories
  All chargeability areas
except the countries
separately listed
China (mainland born)IndiaMexicoPhilippines
E1Priority WorkersCCCCC
E2Professionals Holding Advanced Degree or Persons of Exceptional AbilityC15 MAR 0815 MAR 08CC
E3Skilled Workers & Professionals15 JAN 0608 SEP 0401 AUG 0215 JAN 0615 JAN 06
EWOther Workers (Unskilled Workers)01 JAN 0622 APR 0322 JUL 0201 JAN 0601 JAN 06
E4Certain Special ImmigrantsCCCCC
E4Certain Religious Workers (SR)CCCCC
E5Employment Creation (Investors)CCCCC
E5Employment Creation (Investors in Targeted Employment Areas)CCCCC
E5Pilot ProgramsCCCCC


C = Current
U = Unavailable
Cut-off date
= The cut-off date is the priority date of the first applicant who could not be reached within the statutory limit for the month.

Only applicants who have priority dates earlier than the cut-off date may be allocated a number


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